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Pure V3 Deposit
Pure V3 Deposit
Price: $5,000.00

Total Price: $10,00.00
The all new 2014 Pure | V3.

Our take on the V3 is a cross between awesome training tool and ultimate fun wagon!
Our V3 sports a radical hull design creating a surfing machine capable of navigating conditions from lagoon flat to bombing open ocean runs.

With the removable rudder, not only is the Pure 3-Man faster, but also user friendly without the need for a trained steers person.

Standard construction is a epoxy carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforced cedar core, composite deck, carbon ama, and carbon fiber reinforced aluminum iakos.

For the ultimate in light weight craft we also offer a Double Carbon resin infused foam core version.
As a resin infused version the V3 weighs in right at 100lbs and is extremely light and easy to transport.

Custom paint and removable rudder option available!

Email for Paint and shipping quote.
*$5,000 deposit saves your spot in production.
Resin Infused version +$3,000

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